Sunday, January 11

The "to do" list

Here it is Sunday evening and I'm starting my blog instead of ... well, the list is very long!
I don't really care that I didn't get much accomplished this weekend. I did get out of bed, take
a shower, colored my hair (mistake) and did my laundry. I read a lot of wonderful blogs and surfed around finding lots of beautiful photos. I met a new friend, cuddled with my two adorable daschunds, wore a warm sweater that I got at a thrift store, had several great cups of coffee with cream and best of all, it didn't rain today!

Why is that faucet in the kitchen still dripping and this clock here is ticking, too loud by the way!
Ah, the distractions to a happy life abound. I have learned in my 60 years that I can set aside
the things that bother me and focus, really focus on what makes me happy. I hope you can too.

Part of my goal with this blog is helping you too sort out what's good and find the blessings!

I wish you well.

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