Monday, November 30

My Best Friend

Check out this wonderful site! I found my best friend there!

Sienna, my so sweet golden retriever, was there just waiting for me to come and get her. We spent 13 precious years together. When she went to the rainbow bridge, I cried for days and days.

Now she is waiting on the other side of the bridge for me! I know all dogs go to heaven.
How can it not be so?

Goldens are people, you know. They smile, they love uncondionally, they love to chase tennis balls and go for long walks. Sienna and I went through many tough times together. She was my constant source of comfort and companionship.

When we walked everything seemed to fall into place. At first, Sienna was afraid of cars. She didn't want to walk on busy streets. But after many stops and hugs she stopped being afraid and led the way. If there was ANY water anywhere nearby that's where she headed!

One time she and her friend Kaya got out. They were gone for two days! My daughter and I were heart broken! Then we got a call from a very nice man who said he had the two of them and brought them right back home. A bit muddy and damp, but home!

Goldens are pure gold and full of love and joy! Please click on the Mid Florida Golden Retriever Rescue site to see all of the beautiful dogs they have rescued and are up for adoption!

I just "adopted" a miniature golden retriever for my doll house! It would be "home" without one!

So if you are looking for a new best friend, please rescue a dog or cat. There are plenty wagging tails to pick from! One would be happy to share your Christmas with you!