Saturday, February 28

Empty Fridge

I guess I'll need to go grocery shopping soon. I really don't like to go food shopping, can you tell? Having little food in the house forces me to be creative when I'm hungry. Last night I had some cheese, the last little cup of mixed fruit and some leftover morning coffee reheated in the microwave. It was enough after my drive through lunch at McDonalds.

I went to bed last night at 7:30 pm to the sound of rumbling thunder and rain pattering on the windows. More rain this morning. The weather man is saying it might snow tonight? It would be fun to see some snow on the ground here in central Alabama. The daffodils have made their debut and the forsythias are blooming. Spring is coming - after the rain.

I woke up at 3:30 today after a good night's sleep. My thoughts are jumbled and my "to-do" list is long. Wonder if I'll get anything accomplished today?

I've been having trouble relating to a co-worker. Our personalities just don't click. I try to be understanding. She's a single mom, working full time and going to school. Her teenage son is driving her crazy too. When she comes in to work I never know what to expect. The other day her first words to me were so hateful. The day went downhill from there. This morning one of my first thoughts was of her. How can I "fix" our relationship? Perhaps it's just not meant to be...

Another thought I had was of a dear man I worked with at my kids Christian school. He got up every morning at 4 am just to pray. He prayed for two hours every morning. Maybe I should take some time to pray for my friend. Prayer changes things.

I've spent quite a while here this morning just reading and stumbling around on the blogs. I found a new one or two that inspire me. More projects come to mind, but what about all of the projects I've already started or plan to start? Why do I keep buying supplies and piling up ideas while not really getting anything accomplished?

I really need to go grocery shopping today. I have my list made. I need to eat. I should clean my house. I want to go find some plate hangers for my dining room. I need a haircut but it's 5:30 am and no stores are open yet.
The rain has quieted down. All I hear now is my clock ticking and Dylan the daschund snoring here beside me. Guess I'll go get another cup of coffee...

Monday, February 23

"Window" Shopping

I opened my email today after work. There was one from Pottery Barn and one from Maine Cottage. Of course I had to see what's new! As I was looking around I found several things that I liked. I really can't afford to buy anything. I'm "Just Looking!" I did see several things that I know I could make for less! Check them out. Maybe you'll see something you like too?

I'm thinking - blackboard paint on a piece of wood?

Green glass. Hmmm... WalMart? Garage Sale? Thrift store?

Grosgrain ribbon stitched on plain white KMart drapes? Stencils on bedding?

Funky fabric sewn to ready-made curtains, sheets, shower curtain...?

Why not just paint this instead of paying for someone to glue the little pieces of wood together? Of course I could always cut up little pieces of balsa wood, paint them, then glue them to something...

Rhoda did this in her bathroom! She just framed out the big mirror she already had with molding!

Think I'll take the camera out in the yard and see if I can find anything green... Walgreens can blow the photos up for me...

I'm thinking rubber stamps here. Could I do this?

Now my favorite!
Flea market frames! Cover a board with batting and linen and stick it in an old painted frame!
Give me a few cans of spray paint and I could have a Maine Cottage look too!
Keep looking around and I'm sure you'll find some things you can do for LESS!

Thursday, February 19


Here's a photo of my dining room (before) I found my inspiration.
This room and the living room were painted a neutral beige. When I moved in I thought, "oh well,at least it's a color I can live with." Just needs some window treatments and accessories, right? I know a lot of people, like me, are afraid to commit to a color. I'm here to tell you, don't be afraid! It's only paint. It took me about two hours to paint this room and it was very well worth it!

I found a color pallette I loved at
Her home is so bright and cheery. No beige in sight! Off I went to HomeDepot. It was easy to find the right shade for my room. I got a pretty soft yellow (can't remember the name of the shade and forgot to bring home the sample card!). It's Behr paint with a $5 rebate per gallon. What's not to love about a paint sale!?

I had to touch up the ceiling where the last "painter" slopped beige paint. Then I rolled on the yellow! The more I did, the happier I became! This yellow really brightened up the space! It's so cheerful now. Makes me smile just to open the shutters and let the sunshine in!

There is beadboard on the wall under the windows but just a chair rail on the other walls. I just painted the lower wall and trim white to make it look like the whole room has wainscoting.

I was so excited to see how some of my things would look here. I got out my thrifty store tablecloth, some dishes and set the table. The red flower is the one and only camellia I found in the yard. I thought the room needed more RED. I found these gorgeous red silk chandelier shades on craigslist and called the gal that was selling them. Presto chango a new look for the chandelier! Another bargain too! I'm planning to paint my dining room chairs red too!

I still need to figure out what window treatments to do... any ideas? Should I spray paint the chandelier too? What color? I've been reading in blogland today about others who are loving yellow right now. I think I'm in good company!

Tuesday, February 17

The Official Standard

"Official Standard of the Dachshund"

"General Appearance - Low to ground, long in body and short of leg, with robust muscular development; the skin is elastic and pliable without excessive wrinkling. Appearing neither crippled, awkward, nor cramped in his capacity for movement, the Dachshund is well balanced with bold and confident head carriage and intelligent, alert facial expression. His hunting spirit, good nose, loud tongue and distinctive build make him well-suited for below-ground work and for beating the bush. His keen nose gives him an advantage over most other breeds for trailing. NOTE: Inasmuch as the Dachshund is a hunting dog, scars from honorable wounds shall not be considered a fault... "

Here's Dylan Vaughan Hendrix (his official name) after his encounter with the HUGE German Shepherd across the street. Doesn't he look pitiful with that cone thingy on his head?

He was just a pup at the time but true to his nature. He was protecting the people he loves. THIS was a truly honorable wound.

Below, you see a trench dug by the plumber. Dylan could have easily done the work for him! Daschunds really know how to DIG! One morning when I called him to come inside he was busy hunting for moles. Finding and destroying that mole was way more important than coming when Mom called. More important than breakfast!

I couldn't even find Dylan at first. But, there he was at the bottom of a cavernous hole. The dirt was just flying! I still wonder where all of the dirt goes? There's never enough left to fill his holes back up.

Dylan is a real daschund. He weighs about 30 pounds. The vet says he is "perfect" and not overweight at all. He has the "robust muscular development"of a true hunter. True to standard!

If you're going to have one daschund, you really should have TWO!

Enter Nugget. An absolutely adorable long-haired miniature daschund. This is a photo of the boy's first meeting. It was a bit dicey at first, but when Dylan realized this cute, little fellow was not a threat, they became fast friends.

Now that Nugget has settled in and taken over the house, these two have become my great and mighty protectors. Double trouble for anyone - any dog, any cat, anything that comes within 100 yards of our house. Even the squirrels are not welcome.

They are always watching out for intruders. Maybe there is size in numbers? Nothing gets past these two!

When I open the back door to let them outside, Nugget leaps over Dylan just to be first. Nugget always has to be first! He amazes me with his agility. I know you aren't supposed to let daschunds jump because of their backs. Tell that to Nugget! He is always jumping up on or over something. One of his favorite places to perch lately has been on top of the dining room table. He knows I don't like that. Does he care? He definitely has a mind of his own!

Daschunds bark a lot. You need to know that if you're planning on getting one, or two. They use their outside voices all the time. I'm trying to teach them to be a little more calm and understanding of people that deliver mail, collect garbage or walk their dogs on the other side of the street. Did I see those eyes rolling?

Here's a photo of my guys "helping" me sort out my file cabinet. They are always in the middle of whatever I'm doing. They love to paint too (or actually get into the paint) when I'm trying to paint. I've had multi-colored dogs here more than once. There is never a dull moment around here.

I do love their loyalty and companionship. Their antics keep me in stitches too. Especially the way they greet me when I come home. Nugget runs to get what's left of his "stegasaurus" and then spins circles before me. Dylan dances around asking "what's for dinner?

Nugget with his Stegasaurus

The best thing about daschunds is the way they like to cuddle. Mine both sleep with me. Under the covers, of course. It's like having two hot water bottles, one on either side, to keep me warm. Sometimes when it's very quiet, I'll hear Nugget softly barking as he sleeps.

Sweet dreams, little one, sweet dreams.

Monday, February 16

Happy Talk

"Happy talk, keep talking happy talk. Talk about things you like to do.
You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true? "

Inspired by deardaisycottage, I painted my dining room YELLOW yesterday! I can hardly believe how happy this room makes me feel now! I smile just going in there this morning!

I was so excited to show Kim what I'd done that I hurriedly set the table with
some of my things... I brought in the blue and green that I love, along with the dishes and candles that I already had...

I got this "vintage" tablecloth years ago at a thrift store. I haven't used it much but it looks perfect in here now!

I'm inspired to paint MY dining room chairs red too. Won't they bring even more happiness into this room?!

Plus, I just found these gorgeous chandelier shades on craigslist! Can't wait to spray paint the chandelier - I'm thinking green - and top it off with these!?

I feel like a kid with a new box of crayons!
I'm so happy this morning!
Hope you are too...

Sunday, February 15

Maggie's Birthday Party

Nugget and Dylan and I have been looking for inspiration to decorate our "new" home. The outside is painted a pale yellow. I painted the front door red. Who knew that last night I would find the perfect color combination for the interior?

Right now things are rather blue and beige. Not very inspiring or happy at all...

Rather boring actually...

But just you wait! A little daschund, Maggie, was having a birthday party and we thought it would be fun to attend. Her mom Kim, at Dear Daisy Cottage, opened her home to us and when we walked in we could only say "WOW" as in "BOW WOW!"

Not only is Maggie the cutest birthday dog, her mom has inspired us to create a more colorful, happy home! All we needed was for someone to show us the way...

Here's a peek inside. I'm going right in!
These are just a few photos Maggie's mom took of the of their happy home...

I am so inspired by these photos! I can't wait to paint my living room YELLOW and my dining room chairs RED! I already have some similar pieces of furniture, they just need some paint!
I'm thinking as I look around that I've been heading this direction for a long time. Thanks Miss Maggie and Kim for inviting us to the party! We're taking home lots of great ideas! Happy Birthday!

Friday, February 13

Climb Every Mountain

Last Sunday my daughter, her husband and I drove out Cheaha Mountain here in Alabama. It was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was crisp and cold but that didn't deter our exploring. I found a new kindred spirit in my son-in-law that I hadn't seen before. I felt like a kid again myself.

We got off the beaten path and wandered the hills. We stopped to look at "moss-lets" at the base of the bare trees and climbed to find a little cave. We noticed the shape of the branches and the rocks. There were SO many rocks!

There were patches of ice...

A room with a view...

Quartzite and granite...
And a beautiful blue sky!

We could hear the wind coming from deep down in the valley, it climbed up the mountain in front of us and then went back down the hills below. It sounded like the ebb and flow of the waves. In the stillness there was peace.

We talked about whether we would rather lose our hearing or our eyesight? Not sure why that subject came up? I decided I would never want to lose my ability to see and appreciate the beauty around me. K said he didn't want to lose his hearing. Mostly because he likes to laugh and make others laugh! There is a lot of truth in that! He could not imagine not hearing laughter. It was fun talking like that.

It is a blessing to have both, and be able to listen to the wind and see the bright blue sky. It is even more precious to have children to spend a perfect day with...