Monday, February 16

Happy Talk

"Happy talk, keep talking happy talk. Talk about things you like to do.
You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true? "

Inspired by deardaisycottage, I painted my dining room YELLOW yesterday! I can hardly believe how happy this room makes me feel now! I smile just going in there this morning!

I was so excited to show Kim what I'd done that I hurriedly set the table with
some of my things... I brought in the blue and green that I love, along with the dishes and candles that I already had...

I got this "vintage" tablecloth years ago at a thrift store. I haven't used it much but it looks perfect in here now!

I'm inspired to paint MY dining room chairs red too. Won't they bring even more happiness into this room?!

Plus, I just found these gorgeous chandelier shades on craigslist! Can't wait to spray paint the chandelier - I'm thinking green - and top it off with these!?

I feel like a kid with a new box of crayons!
I'm so happy this morning!
Hope you are too...

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