Sunday, February 1

Candlelight Salad

My kids got a chuckle this Christmas when I presented them with these "Candlelight Salads." After we got over the embarrassment of what they looked like (tee hee) we enjoyed eating them.

It's a simple salad with a lettuce leaf or two, a pineapple slice, half a banana and a cherry on top held in place with a toothpick and mayonnaise. My grandmother used to make them every Christmas.

She also made a "bunny salad" with a half pear, raisin eyes, almond ears and mayonnaise tale. Too cute.

I loved these as a kid and enjoy them even now. How about some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or a star-shaped grilled cheese sandwich for lunch?


  1. What fun food! It might encourage our little grandson to eat more fruit!

  2. Hi, Kathi, Grandma's house is off Crestwood Blvd., not in the best area of town. But, it's not going to be rented out. My hubby is in charge of taking care of all of it & he would love to just sell it & get out of the headaches of caring for an older home. Grandma will just have to deal with the sale! She is way to old to care for it.

  3. the candlelight salat looks yummy, but yeah, it' DO look like.. you know *giggle*
    the bunny salat is also cute as...