Sunday, February 15

Maggie's Birthday Party

Nugget and Dylan and I have been looking for inspiration to decorate our "new" home. The outside is painted a pale yellow. I painted the front door red. Who knew that last night I would find the perfect color combination for the interior?

Right now things are rather blue and beige. Not very inspiring or happy at all...

Rather boring actually...

But just you wait! A little daschund, Maggie, was having a birthday party and we thought it would be fun to attend. Her mom Kim, at Dear Daisy Cottage, opened her home to us and when we walked in we could only say "WOW" as in "BOW WOW!"

Not only is Maggie the cutest birthday dog, her mom has inspired us to create a more colorful, happy home! All we needed was for someone to show us the way...

Here's a peek inside. I'm going right in!
These are just a few photos Maggie's mom took of the of their happy home...

I am so inspired by these photos! I can't wait to paint my living room YELLOW and my dining room chairs RED! I already have some similar pieces of furniture, they just need some paint!
I'm thinking as I look around that I've been heading this direction for a long time. Thanks Miss Maggie and Kim for inviting us to the party! We're taking home lots of great ideas! Happy Birthday!


  1. Dear Kathi,
    YOU ARE SO WELCOME, and I'm so thrilled that I inspired you in some way..that has made MY day, so thank YOU!!!
    Happy coloring and I can't wait to see what you create!
    Nugget and Dylan are ADORABLE!!!


  2. Dear Kathi,
    I just tried leaving you a comment and I don't think it went through, BUT if it does, please ignore the repeat! ;-)
    Anywho, thank YOU so much for your kind words and I am thrilled that I have managed to inspire you with your decorating!!
    Happy coloring - I can't wait to see what you create!
    Nugget and Dylan are adorable!!

  3. I'm headed out right now to get some yellow paint for the walls! I think I already have red spray paint - wonder how many cans it will take to do six dining room chairs??

  4. better inspiration than Kim's lovely colorful cottage...should be beautiful!

    Have spray paint and steady hand...move forward! YES!