Thursday, February 19


Here's a photo of my dining room (before) I found my inspiration.
This room and the living room were painted a neutral beige. When I moved in I thought, "oh well,at least it's a color I can live with." Just needs some window treatments and accessories, right? I know a lot of people, like me, are afraid to commit to a color. I'm here to tell you, don't be afraid! It's only paint. It took me about two hours to paint this room and it was very well worth it!

I found a color pallette I loved at
Her home is so bright and cheery. No beige in sight! Off I went to HomeDepot. It was easy to find the right shade for my room. I got a pretty soft yellow (can't remember the name of the shade and forgot to bring home the sample card!). It's Behr paint with a $5 rebate per gallon. What's not to love about a paint sale!?

I had to touch up the ceiling where the last "painter" slopped beige paint. Then I rolled on the yellow! The more I did, the happier I became! This yellow really brightened up the space! It's so cheerful now. Makes me smile just to open the shutters and let the sunshine in!

There is beadboard on the wall under the windows but just a chair rail on the other walls. I just painted the lower wall and trim white to make it look like the whole room has wainscoting.

I was so excited to see how some of my things would look here. I got out my thrifty store tablecloth, some dishes and set the table. The red flower is the one and only camellia I found in the yard. I thought the room needed more RED. I found these gorgeous red silk chandelier shades on craigslist and called the gal that was selling them. Presto chango a new look for the chandelier! Another bargain too! I'm planning to paint my dining room chairs red too!

I still need to figure out what window treatments to do... any ideas? Should I spray paint the chandelier too? What color? I've been reading in blogland today about others who are loving yellow right now. I think I'm in good company!


  1. Love the yellow! I'm thinking of painting our living room a soft yellow sometime this year. By the way, I have chairs exactly like yours!

  2. Wow I am so impressed! It's like a completely brand new room. Beautiful, cheerful and completely inviting.

    I salute you. Hope we'll see pics of the living room as well.

  3. Kathi, thanks so much for visiting my blog - I LOVE your yellow makeover!! And you're right, it's just paint! You see, I'm one of those people who is 'afraid' of color! And yet I see it on everyone's blogs and want so badly to add color to my white walls! I think everything looks just beautiful!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  4. Thanks for all of the encouragment! I'm off to paint the living room today!