Monday, February 9

Moving AGAIN?

These are some photos of my house in Deltona Florida. It was the first place I was able to purchase on my own.

It was another renovation but one that was not nearly as costly as my Sanford home. I enjoyed decorating and gardening here. The drive from here to work in Orlando became too much. Hence, the move to Sanford...

You've read about the Sanford project. What a money pit that was! There was great personal satisfaction of seeing what hard work and perseverance can do, however.

I'm renting now. That has not stopped me from pursuing my desire to improve. Here are some photos of my current home that belongs to someone else! The wannabe decorator in me always has a project in progress!

I've not only painted the kitchen, I cleared out the overgrown bushes out front and painted the front door. I painted my office and the guest room too! Everywhere I've been I've found some outlet for my creativity...

I don't know where I'll go next but I'm sure there will be challenges and opportunities ahead. I'm looking at renting a little duplex to help keep my finances in order. I would rather stay where I am and continue to make making this house "my" home.

The duplex has potential too. The neighbors need to clean up their back yard! Do I really want to take on another project? Do I really want to move AGAIN?
I don't know...

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