Monday, February 23

"Window" Shopping

I opened my email today after work. There was one from Pottery Barn and one from Maine Cottage. Of course I had to see what's new! As I was looking around I found several things that I liked. I really can't afford to buy anything. I'm "Just Looking!" I did see several things that I know I could make for less! Check them out. Maybe you'll see something you like too?

I'm thinking - blackboard paint on a piece of wood?

Green glass. Hmmm... WalMart? Garage Sale? Thrift store?

Grosgrain ribbon stitched on plain white KMart drapes? Stencils on bedding?

Funky fabric sewn to ready-made curtains, sheets, shower curtain...?

Why not just paint this instead of paying for someone to glue the little pieces of wood together? Of course I could always cut up little pieces of balsa wood, paint them, then glue them to something...

Rhoda did this in her bathroom! She just framed out the big mirror she already had with molding!

Think I'll take the camera out in the yard and see if I can find anything green... Walgreens can blow the photos up for me...

I'm thinking rubber stamps here. Could I do this?

Now my favorite!
Flea market frames! Cover a board with batting and linen and stick it in an old painted frame!
Give me a few cans of spray paint and I could have a Maine Cottage look too!
Keep looking around and I'm sure you'll find some things you can do for LESS!


  1. I have a friend who keeps a scrapbook of all the things she wants that she finds in catalogs. Over time, she has noticed that she goes through trends. She says for a long time she was very into window treatments, but then it shifted to chests of drawers, and later on, to v-necked sweaters. She never buys the stuff, just cuts out the pic and pastes it in her book. Nice.

  2. All in one place...great idea!

  3. Clever you!

    My art teacher in high school taught me many things, but the most important one was to "be inventive". Few people realize that problem solving is the core of making art.

    I hope you'll post your efforts!

  4. Crafty ideas to save money! I just wish I could somehow craft some extra space!!

  5. Hi there! You just left me a comment so I came on over here to check things out and I LOVE the way you think!! (I think it's because I think the same way.)
    I am addicted to craigslist, thrift stores and garage sales...I even look at what others throw away. You can do great things without spending a lot of money.
    Love your blog :)