Friday, July 31

What I Love About Vacations!

I've been on vacation this past week and loving every minute of it! It's been a stay at home vacation and very relaxing.

I've had time to rest, time to think and time to work on my new hobby - miniatures!

It's been fun to wear my favorite old pair of jeans, take naps and not watch the clock!

I've been watching the flowers grow instead! We've had a lot of rain this week so everything is green and growing.

I think my puppies have enjoyed mom being home too! I have hardly gone anywhere except to the grocery store. We've just been snuggling up at home and enjoying the peace and quiet.



I will need to go to work today, just to pick up my paycheck! Then it will back home and back to more rest and relaxation!

Hope you have a beautiful, peaceful day!

Blessings, Kathi

Sunday, July 12

Over Here, Over There!

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog here! I've been reading and following along to see what everyone is doing though! You've found some great things and have had some wonderful ideas too!

I can't believe I missed "Thrifty Tuesdays" and "Hooked on Fridays" this past week! I need to go back and check in!

Right now I am hooked on my garage sale dollhouse! If you want to know where I've been, please come on over to Beautiful Mini Blessings!

So far, I've made this little sofa, a fish pillow and a tiny shell mirror.

I have so many ideas and plans for my little house! The entire house needs to be renovated and re-decorated
. It's so much fun and much less expensive that doing a real life house!

Does anyone know i
f Kelee reached her goal with the scarves for abandoned dogs? I've been checking her site but haven't seen an update yet... I really hope she got the photos she needed!

Hope you are having a great weekend! It's starting to rain here! We really need rain!
I'm putting a new roof on my dollhouse. That is something I can do inside, so let it rain!

Blessings! Kathi

Sunday, July 5

Play Strong for Abandoned Dogs!

play strong scarf

Dylan and Nugget are wearing their “scarves” to celebrate Kelee Katillac’s effort to raise money to help abandoned dogs! Kelee is a hero for great causes and this is just one! Click on over to Kelee's site to check out all of the other cuties!

best buds

Here’s what my boys looked like with the scarf. A bit too big!

play strong 009 play strong 004

I decided to try to make them little caps instead of just decorating one scarf.

dollhouse and Mary Charles 004

I cut it up! Then I sewed to back together so both Dylan and Nugget could participate!

play strong 015 play strong2 005 play strong2 007

It was very difficult to contain my pup's excitement about their new hats! I was only able to get one photo and it’s too dark! You get the idea though, right?

play strong 013

I really hope that Kelee has enough participants to win her $2,000 gift for abandoned dogs!

This was really lots of fun! Please go over to Kelee's to see all of the other scarves and dogs/cats! They are all so cute!

Blessings! Kathi