Sunday, July 5

Play Strong for Abandoned Dogs!

play strong scarf

Dylan and Nugget are wearing their “scarves” to celebrate Kelee Katillac’s effort to raise money to help abandoned dogs! Kelee is a hero for great causes and this is just one! Click on over to Kelee's site to check out all of the other cuties!

best buds

Here’s what my boys looked like with the scarf. A bit too big!

play strong 009 play strong 004

I decided to try to make them little caps instead of just decorating one scarf.

dollhouse and Mary Charles 004

I cut it up! Then I sewed to back together so both Dylan and Nugget could participate!

play strong 015 play strong2 005 play strong2 007

It was very difficult to contain my pup's excitement about their new hats! I was only able to get one photo and it’s too dark! You get the idea though, right?

play strong 013

I really hope that Kelee has enough participants to win her $2,000 gift for abandoned dogs!

This was really lots of fun! Please go over to Kelee's to see all of the other scarves and dogs/cats! They are all so cute!

Blessings! Kathi


  1. I'm a little late but I'll check it out. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing an abandoned dog. They have such trusting eyes and when I see one whose trust has been just makes me incredibly sad.

  2. I love how they look in their hats And I just love how they look in general. They are just the cutest. I am a big sucker for cute blog dogs. Give them an extra hug and pet from me.

  3. Wow...I am impressed at your skills...and the fact your pups would keep the hats on!


  4. YOu need to post a tutorial on making these cute!! Your boys look like my girls!

  5. Kathi-didi you send the hat photos over to us? They are adorable!

    love, kelee