Friday, July 31

What I Love About Vacations!

I've been on vacation this past week and loving every minute of it! It's been a stay at home vacation and very relaxing.

I've had time to rest, time to think and time to work on my new hobby - miniatures!

It's been fun to wear my favorite old pair of jeans, take naps and not watch the clock!

I've been watching the flowers grow instead! We've had a lot of rain this week so everything is green and growing.

I think my puppies have enjoyed mom being home too! I have hardly gone anywhere except to the grocery store. We've just been snuggling up at home and enjoying the peace and quiet.



I will need to go to work today, just to pick up my paycheck! Then it will back home and back to more rest and relaxation!

Hope you have a beautiful, peaceful day!

Blessings, Kathi


  1. Oh my! Dylan and Nugget are just wonderful!

    I've always wanted a Dachshund - a long little doggie with those wonderful doe eyes... alas, I always seem to end up with big mutts. (Reminds me of my quest for the perfect man...)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, Kathi...or call I say "Staycation"! Your sweet little puppies are adorable! Enjoy the rest of your rest.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  3. You're puppies are just so cute! It sounds like you're having the perfect vacation!


  4. hello :) glad you are having a nice and relaxing vacation. my daughter has a dog like the one in the first picture. her dogs name is cinnimon. funny personality.

  5. Sounds like a perfect vacation! Cute pups!!

  6. Love the miniatures! And precious Dylan and Nugget!

  7. I love to just hang out at my home!

  8. Hi,

    Oh I love miniatures too! My dear father in law built a doll house 3' x 4' I posted recently about a doll bed that he made for pink Saturday. My mother in law made a beautiful crochet bedcover for it. I love your little brown daschund (sp) I had one like him when I was little. His name was Truffles. :)

  9. I just took a look at those birdhouses and they are beautiful!
    You pups are soooo cute! I love how they are just laying there without a care in the world.
    Hope you have a great weekend (and week off).

  10. Hi Kathi,

    Goodness - sounds like you had the perfect relaxing vacation. Your pups are adorable - looks they had fun relaxing with you.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Hey there Kathi...hope you're doing well these days. xoxoxo