Monday, January 12

Fuzzy frost all over everything this morning. Beautiful in the sunshine but COLD! Too cold to get my camera out and try to snap a photo. Kept the gloves on the waited for the defroster in the car to do its thing. Was a busy busy day at work. Kept trying to remember to "do everything in love." Made my day go better.

Spent hours shooting and developing xrays. Felt sad for the big lady who could hardly get up on the table. Waited patiently. Could be me someday. Thought I saw a broken hip on the films but I'm not the doctor. Always wonder how someone can walk around on a broken hip? No wonder she was slow...

You never know what's going on with the people you meet each day. A smile and eye contact seems to help. A kind word doesn't hurt either... We all need the touch of another in our lives. Even if it's only for a moment. Let your light shine!

Speaking of xrays, I found this artist who takes xray photos of flowers. His name is StevenN. Meyers and his work is amazing! I have no idea how he does, it but love the way he captures the perfection of each leaf or flower or shell.

God does everything well.

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