Monday, January 12

As promised, a tale of two weiners. Only one story this evening...

Dylan Vaughan Hendrix is a standard (big) daschund. Got him a flea market where the lady had a sign "mini-weiners for sale." He WAS mini then but has grown up to be the man of the house. His first adventure was to defend the homestead from the huge german shepherd dog across the street. He bolted over there barking his little head off.

I guess he was thinking the dog was a threat to me, I don't know. What happened next was
not pretty. The shepherd had the same idea, defend the family! They not only had words about it but Dylan got a big bite in the butt! It took three of us to untangle the mess.

Dylan had to have stitches and wear one of those funny cone things on his head until he healed. You would think that would have taught him to pick on someone his own size but he continues to be the fearless one.had the same idea, "defend the family," and the two not only

I have another daschund too, and two cats that keep me company and give me miles of smiles. It's so much fun to come home to a house full of friendly faces and wagging tails!

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. My husband has a weinie dog too and he is going to love this story when I get home from work! Frankie tried to fight off a German too but I got her back in the house before they tied up.