Saturday, January 17


This little dog is flat out fun! He doesn't think he's a daschund or a dog even. I'm not sure what he thinks he is?! He can fly, he can jump, he can leap tall things with a single bound! He can always find something to do that makes me laugh. How can you be mad at that face on the dining room table at Christmas? Nugget seems to prefer the height of a piece of furniture to the floor where dogs are supposed to be. Maybe that makes him feel much larger that he is?

I rescued him from a young couple that had four big dogs and were afraid Nugget would get trampled. Not a problem for this dog but I'm glad they parted with him!

Nugget's great adventure happened a few months ago. I opened the back door to let him and his fearless friend, Dylan, out. Much to my dismay there was a dead squirrel on the back porch. Well, Nugget had found a prize! He grabbed the squirrel and took off with it across the backyard! Mom went after him but to no avail. When I got close enough to grab Nugget he just swallowed the squirrel whole! Yep, whole! Fur and feet and tail - gone in one huge gulp! I just stood there not knowing what to do. My baby dog swallowed a squirrel!

I called the emergency vet because you know these things never happen during office hours.
After a few tense moments and the sound of laughter in the background, the girl came back on the phone and told me just to watch him, "he'll probably throw it up," and "call back if he seems to be having any problems."

I watched the little booger all day. He didn't throw it up. He didn't seem phased by the whole experience at all! I didn't stop shaking for hours but Nugget went about his usual activities like nothing had happened. A normal day in the life of a small weiner dog, I guess?

I wish he could talk to me. Sometimes it would be nice to know what to expect next. But then, he probably would keep his secrets to himself...


  1. Even his expression looks full of secret adventure!! Very cute.

  2. Hi Kathi. I posted here this morning, but my post disappeared into blogger land! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my snow! :) I also see that you are new to blogging--so WELCOME! I hope you settle in to Birmingham soon, without any more trouble from the DMV!