Tuesday, January 13

This is my dear Aunt Adelaide. Photos from her 100th birthday party! She is my hero. Still sharp and healthy and as sweet as can be. She spends her days watching the golf channel, sitting out on the porch, and reading. She just finished the entire Harry Potter book series too! What is it like to live 100 years? The world has changed so much in her lifetime and she has taken it all in stride. She has so much wisdom and such a happy outlook on life in spite of all of the difficulties she has faced. We can all learn from our elders. I know I have learned so much from her.

The things I remember as a child are Christmas in the basement of her lovely Cape Cod style home. A fire crackling in the fireplaces both upstairs and down. Hiding in the little closets under the ceiling in the bedrooms. The smooth, shiny hardwood floors and the soft hand- hooked rugs on the floor. Her tiny red kitchen. Sliding down the bannister when no one was looking. Homemade cookies. I always felt loved in her home. . .

I loved her garden too. Especially the rock garden where there were always little suprises to find. Her roses were especially fragrant and abundant. In the spring there were tulips and daffodils and crocuses everywhere. In winter, we would sled down the hill until our ears were frozen and then come inside for homemade hot chocolate. The best!

Adelaide is an artist too. She paints landscapes and flowers and shares them with her family and friends. She has had many showings of her work near her home in Pennsylvania. I am continually inspired by her. Her art work graces my home now.

So what do you say to someone who has blessed your life so much? How to you begin to tell them how much you love and admire them? Just being with her on her birthday was such a joy. Another memory for me and one for her. God bless you Aunt Adelaide and thank you for being the kind of person I can only hope to be. . .
Love, Kathi

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