Wednesday, January 28

Carriage House Dreaming

I think it's time to really downsize this time! Is it possible (of course it is) to have an estate sale before you die? I'm thinking a really really big sale will free my life of unneeded clutter and allow me the freedom to live more peacefully...

I found an add for a carriage house for rent! It's a one bedroom,detached house with a fireplace! Now I'm really dreaming!

I can imagine myself coming home to a quiet little cottage style home, sipping tea by the fire,and living comfortably within my income. I moved a huge truckload of STUFF here from Florida and now I'm realizing that I don't really need most of it! It might be fun to pare down to the necessities this time. Just looking around my current house now I can see that there are ROOMS I don't use and TONS of stuff I don't need!

I guess moving on and getting rid of is a process. I owned my own home for years, now I'm renting and letting someone else worry about the upkeep. It's really not so bad. I'm learning that home IS where the heart is and that I can't take stuff with me when I go! I don't want to leave my kids with the ugly task of getting rid of Mom's things either! I think I'll pursue my "estate sale" now and enjoy the best things life has to offer without the baggage!

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