Thursday, January 29

Fat Cats Don't Like Low Fat!

I recently decided to put my two fat cats on a diet. They are both huge and it's not just fluff!
These two eat constantly and beg for more!
They are spoiled too. Toby, the yellow cat, gets a saucer of cream in the morning when I have my coffee. Henry wants his bowl FULL all of the time. Now I'm filling it up with "low fat" food. They both think I have lost my mind!
When I put the food in their bowl they run to it hopefully but then only nibble a few bites. Then the complaining starts! Meowing for something else, anything else!

Henry pouts too. He looks at me with distain and just walks away sometimes. I know they will lose weight if I can just stick to this. It's a new year's resolution forced upon them!


  1. Hi, Kathi, put March 7th on your calendar as I'm definitely planning to go to the flea market that day & everyone is invited. I'll put a little note up on my sidebar so all can plan. Thank you for reading! Sounds like you've been to all those places in Irondale too. I think I've been to the little antiques store that you mentioned. all of this is close to my hubby's grandma's little house.

  2. your cats are really cute :)
    I also have a cat (a boy named >yuki<, what means >snow< in japanese) but he's still a little kitty, not even 1 year old *giggle* he's not fat but very choosey with his food and also meowing all the time for something else~

    I hope you'll stand it and you cat's too ^^