Wednesday, January 21

Leaving and Changing

I was able to come home for lunch yesterday just in time to watch President and Mrs. Bush say good-bye and board the helicopter out of Washington. I watched as the helicopter rose and pulled away. I'm not sure why but I felt tears come to my eyes and a great sense of loss.

I remembered another day another time when my feelings got the best of me. That day was September 11th, 2001. I remember the exact place I was standing at the time. An entry parlor at a retirement home where I worked. I just happened to be passing through and noticed a small crowd of residents standing around the television. It was very quiet, I remember that too.
Some people were crying. Some praying softly. All were in shock.

In the days that followed I was glued to the news. I watched our President, listened to his words and felt his determination. I was never so proud to be an American or so angry that this happened to our great nation.

Yesterday, I also watched as our new President signed the official documents for the transfer of power. Again, I'm not sure why, but I felt afraid. I'm hoping in the days, months and years to come that I will again be proud of America. I do rejoice that we have finally begun to accept our brothers and sisters of color. It has been a long time coming.

It's probably the change that bothers me. I have personally had many leavings and many changes in my own life. I have learned from each one. There is still lingering doubt and reluctance to trust the unknown. May God keeps us all under the shadow of His wings and protect us from harm. May our new President look to Him for guidance and strength.

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