Wednesday, January 21


Isn't this a beautiful photo?! Frost on spider webs! Amazing! It was posted today on Yahoo and I want to thank them for the inspiration!
My grandmother did tatting and crochet. She tried to teach me. I guess I didn't pay attention because I have never pursued this wonderful skill. I have many beautiful things that she made though. My favorite is a white crocheted bedspread. It is absolutely gorgeous and must have taken her months to finish! She also did laced edging on handkerchiefs. A day before Kleenex when ladies always had a crisp hanky in their pocket or purse.
I think I'm inspired this morning to try to crochet a scarf. Can't be all that hard, can it? I'm always trying to find projects that I can use and not just look at. I'll have to pull out my little book on stitching for left handers. Grandma tried to teach me by having me sit on the floor and watch her do things upside down. Maybe it will come back to me? I hope so.

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  1. Those spider webs are amazing.
    I am left handed, & taught myself to crochet using a righthanded book, that I placed in front of a mirror, thus reversing the moves. I then taught other left handers to crochet.
    If you lived close, I could teach you!