Wednesday, January 14


Here in "Sweet Home Alabama" there is a place that I have visited often. Too often. It's the Department of Motor Vehicles. The first time I went, hoping to get an Alabama tag and driver's license, I was turned away. I didn't have all of the needed paperwork. This after waiting in a long line for almost an hour.

I decided that I would try to get my driver's license first at another location only to be told I was too blind to drive! A trip to the optometrist and back with a letter in hand finally got me my Alabama license. Still no tag though...

Second trip to the DMV was fruitless too. Was told I needed to get my lien holder to fax them a copy of my title. Okay. I called the bank and they agreed to fax the title. Back to the tag office.
But. The lady at the counter did find my title but said she couldn't read it. I could read it, but she couldn't. I had to call the title company again and have them mail a copy of the title to the DMV.

Third trip to the tag office. After several tense moments the lady agreed to send in my application. No, I couldn't get my title today, you'll have to come back...

Fourth trip to the tag office. That will be today. I got a letter from them saying my application was denied for having no signature. I hope today, when I get there, they will have my application and I can sign it and be done with this!

Sweet Home Alabama? I'm not so sure...

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