Sunday, June 14

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Sharyn age 2

This is a photo of my little girl when she was about two.  She was “helping me” bake cookies.  Just look at that face!  We sure had fun that day!  We had lots of fun together when she was little.  I was able to stay home and enjoy her childhood.  Here are a some photos I scanned this morning.  Not sure what I’m doing here….

 test photo

Of course, little girls grow up.  Here’s a photo from her wedding.  I love this one!

Sharyn and Kris 

I went with her to pick out her gown.  We went to several shops and she tried on many dresses.  When she tried on this dress, she knew it was the one!  She was so excited standing on the platform to be measured. Then all of a sudden, she fainted and collapsed on the floor!  Mom was frantic and had the store owner call 911!  When the handsome firemen arrived she had revived, but was so embarrassed!  I was very relieved and we all had a good laugh at her expense.  (Sorry honey, had to share this)

Her wedding was beautiful.  An outdoor wedding in January.  In Florida you can do that!  I made her wedding cake, did the flowers and made her veil.  Together we decorated the tables, put up lights and candles.  She was radiant when she walked down the aisle to meet her hubby.  And yes, Mommy did cry.

shammy and me at Cheaha Mountain

I’m so thankful to be living close to her now.  I’m so proud of the beautiful woman she has become.

She still calls me “Mommy” and yes, she’s still my little girl!


  1. What a sweet post, Kathi. Yes, little girls are THE BEST! I've been feeling particularly sentimental and nostaligic for the past few days because my "little girl" will be celebrating yet another birthday on Tuesday. Where do the years go? How dare she grow up right before my eyes! I hope you'll stop by to visit me on Tuesday so you can see my birthday tribute to her. :)

  2. Kathi, what a lovely post about your daughter. I still like to cuddle my Mom when I see her. I think that never changes. Thanks so much for the comment on the dollhouse. I just went back into your past posts and saw the photo of yours. Perfect! You are going to have such fun! So am I! We'll have to compare notes!


  3. What a sweet post....makes me think of my relationship with my own mother. I too am so glad we live close by each other.

  4. What a special post. I can tell that you and your daughter have a wonderful, close relationship. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. Loved this story! What a sweet mom you are and what a lovely daughter you have! My daughter lives just a short distance away too and I just love it! Lucky lucky us!