Friday, June 5

Soak up the sun or take Vitamin D?

I was surprised when my doctor recently told me that my Vitamin D level was low. I’ve spent lots of time in the sun and have the wrinkles and spots to prove it! 

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Did you know that sunscreen blocks the absorption of Vitamin D?  I didn’t.  It is important to use sunscreen! 

Vitamin D is essential for bone health and has many other benefits.  Low levels are also linked to fatigue, depression and some types of cancer too.  Since I work for a Rheumatology practice I’ve seen what that can do if not treated.


I thought that just by working in my garden or going to the beach as often as I have that my Vitamin D level should be alright.  Vitamin D is not found in many foods. Some are supplemented, like orange juice.

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I have started taking Vitamin D daily along with my calcium supplement. I highly recommend that you have your Vitamin D level checked at your next office visit. Have a bone density test (DEXA scan) done too.  You may be surprised, as I was.


There are many treatments for osteoporosis. Talk to your doctor about your options if you find out you are at risk! I know we all want to stay strong so we can continue to enjoy life.  Wishing you good health and strong bones!

Blessings, Kathi



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  2. Thanks for that important reminder about Vitamin D...and thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog! I am happy to hear that I was able to extend to you a new idea (the ribbons) that you might be able to use! I hope to hear from you again and I will stop by to visit you too!

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  3. Hi bet --time to take care isn't it? Thanks for the pointers.
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  4. Kathi, Bogues is now open on Hwy. 280 near Inverness area. The original is down by St. Vincents Hospital. The rolls were to die for!