Saturday, June 13

Giveaway Winner!

giveaway 007 giveaway 015

Congratulations to KeleeKatillac_1  You’ve won my little basket of goodies!

I fixed it up today, just for you! (6/14/09) and it’s ready to send!  Hope you enjoy it!

front yard 016

Kelee has a wonderful blog!  She shares tons of inspiration along with ways to help others.  I’ve enjoyed following her and her team of friends.  Click on over to congratulate her!

I’m going to add something special to her basket too.  Something just for Kelee!  I’ll post a photo later…

Thanks to everyone who commented and entered my giveaway!  You are the best!  I hope that you all have a great weekend filled with blessings and beautiful things!

Love,  Kathi



  1. Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Conratulations to Kelee. And thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog Kathi, much appreciated. I really need the support of women who know what I'm talking about. Thanks. Have a lovely Sunday
    Hugs, Brigitta

  3. Congrats to Kelee! I'm sure she'll enjoy it!


  4. Dearest Kathi!!!!!!

    I just opened my giveaway basket!!!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful!!
    You just made my whole weekend! First--Lavender is my favorite scent!!!!!!!! Second the Angels book is soo loved-I have Angels cards that I use for guidance! Third!!!! The candle cup; and special gifts are divine! The wall phrase ANd OHHHHHHHH that violet hankie!!! And towel!

    I adore the decoupage plaque!!!(Where shall I put it Were is special enough?) So personal-- and of course-the framed picture of my soulmate Oliver Wendell!!!!

    You are precious!!! Thank-you for making it so personal and special!!!

    I love you friend!


  5. Kathi!! Your gift is a magic tent--I keep seeing more things inside it! The personalized clothes pins are awesome--I love them for my desk papers...and the flower ON the basket is so charming and creative~!!
    The violet napkins are the bet--HOW did you know I love violets? The all
    grandma flowers are my fav!!!!

    AGAIN WOWEE!!!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    xo Kelee

  6. Kelee, I'm so happy that you like the basket!
    I had such fun gathering and making those things just for you! Can't wait to have another give-a-way! I really is more blessed to give than to receive!

    Love, Kathi