Tuesday, June 2

Puppy play date!

Nugget and Juno 001

Nugget has been a little sad lately. I had to tell him the news about Maggie and he really didn’t take it very well.

Daisy Cottage: She's Giving Her Heart Away

My daughter and her hubby just adopted an adorable puppy from the Humane Society. Meet “Juno!”

Juno in her bed Juno Juno in the tub

Well, she got a bath and all prettied up and came to meet Nugget on Saturday. I was sure that Nugget would like her and he did! They had so much fun sniffing and running and playing together!

Nugget and Juno 007 Nugget and Juno 008 Nugget and Juno 003

It was really hard to get any good photos of them because they were so busy getting to know each other!

Nugget and Juno 005

I’m sure they will be the best of friends!

Nugget told me later that he really likes Juno and hopes she will come visit again soon. Who needs a long distance relationship anyway?!

Nugget can now wish Oliver and Maggie all the best!


  1. Oh they're so cute! I'm such a dog lover!


  2. They are both cuties! :) Thanks for signing on as a reader - hope I don't get to boring for you. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the dolls house.

  3. How adorable and good for them for adopting!There are SOOO many pups waiting for forever homes!