Wednesday, June 24

Sick Puppy – Update

My sweet daschund Dylan, is very sick today. I’m taking him to the vet this morning. A “new” vet for us. I hope he can figure out what’s wrong.

Dylan has been have diarrhea and now vomiting. He can’t even keep water down. I hope I haven’t waited too long!

At first I thought maybe he just ate something that didn’t agree with him. I put him on a 24 hour fast but he’s getting worse instead of better. He’s my little hero and I hope he’ll be okay…


Nugget is worried about his big brother too. It amazes me how animals bond with each other. My two daschunds are best buddies!

Home at the holidays 012

I can’t wait for Dylan to feel better so he can “Play Strong” like he usually does!

play strong 009

I’ve been working on their scarves for Kelee. Can’t wait to show you! Join the fun if you haven’t already!

Please say a little prayer for my sick puppy. I’m hoping he’s better real soon…

Blessings, Kathi

7:30 PM  I was able to bring Dylan home from the vet today.  He has “hemorrhagic gastritis.”  We’re not sure why yet.  Our new vet was so nice.  He gave him fluids, antibiotics and medicine to help with the nausea and vomiting.  Just this evening I was allowed to give him a little bit of water to drink.  He wanted to drink the entire bowl!  Tomorrow morning I can give him some special food the vet gave us.

So far, he’s doing well.  Still having some diarrhea but no more vomiting.  I’m so glad I took him in!  We’ll rest tonight then he goes back to the vet in morning for another check up.  Thanks for your prayers and concern!  Love,  Kathi and Dylan


  1. Oh Kathi, I am so, so very sorry your pup isn't feeling well. Hope it isn't anything too serious. Please post an update as soon as you know something.

  2. Hope he's well soon!!!! A big kiss from my furry girl Kim and me

  3. I came back to see if there was any news yet. I'm very relieved Dylan is better and I'm sure you are too. Sometimes it's so hard to know if they need to see the vet or if the problem will resolve itself without medical intervention. You did the right thing by taking him in when he didn't improve after a short observation period.

  4. I am so glad that Dylan is better! I HATE it when one of my 3 guys is sick! I'll be praying for a full and speedy recovery!

  5. Glad he's back and will be better soon! Thanks for having told me that- I appreciated a lot!
    Another hug to your furry friend, from my pup and

  6. Oh, poor baby! I hope he's all better real soon.


  7. Ohhhh Kathi!!!! Poooorrr Dylan--and you!!

    I will look-up the condition and get back to you!

    Oliver and I are saying a prayer for him right now!

    love, kelee

  8. Thanks to all for you prayers and concern!
    Dylan is doing just fine! He is eating his special food and has had NO more diarrhea or vomiting! The vet said he thinks he will be okay now!

    We'll be showing off our "scarves" for Kelee soon! So happy that Dylan can Play Strong again!

    Blessings! Kathi