Tuesday, June 9

Note to Self – Stop Shopping!

I’m feeling a bit convicted this morning.  I made my weekly trip to the Mission yesterday. 

I had good intentions of just dropping off a few unwanted things and coming home.  But no.  I had to venture in to see what goodies might have arrived since last week.  I did find a couple of scrub tops.  A darling candle holder and vintage glass bowl.  I’ve been looking for more glasses for my kitchen but didn’t find any I liked.

When I got home and was putting away my “new” things I realized I really don’t have a place for the decorative items.  I also took a closer look at the candle holder and bowl.  I really don’t like either of them! 

thrift 001

So why did I buy them?  Sure, they are pretty.  They would look great in someone’s home.  But looking around I see that I hardly have an empty surface to display them!  Have I become addicted to shopping?!They don’t even match my style!

furniture to paint 003 

I love a bargain and I love pretty things.  Somehow I have got to stop buying more!

I need to get busy and do some projects instead of buying more things!  I’m going to try not to shop, not to go to garage sales and stay OUT of thrift stores for a while!  It’s going to be hard but I’ve got to do it!

Here are some of the things I should be doing instead of shopping!  Painting my furniture!

furniture to paint 008 furniture to paint 020    Organizing 003 accessories 011 furniture to paint 013

Favorite things 006

See the sewing machine cabinets behind the red chair? They are going to be pink!  Inspired my $3 sewing machine!

Pink sewing machine 004 

I’m going to paint my bedroom furniture, china cabinet and armoire too. Just seeing all of these projects should remind me that I don’t NEED to buy anything more!  I’ve got shelves to hang, drapes to make, and all sorts of other little projects to do. I just need to get busy!!

My name is Kathi and I’m a shop-a-holic!



  1. Plain and simple, sometimes it's hard to pass up a good deal, even if you think you really shouldn't buy it or you have no need for it. A while back I was at Goodwill and found one of those large Yankee Candle jars that sell for around $24. It had never been burned and was marked only $3.00! However, it was a fall scent and orange...not my color...but I couldn't pass it up for THREE DOLLARS! I gave it to my daughter and she was thrilled with it. Perhaps you have family or friends who could use your bargains. Sometimes "good deals" make great Blogland giveaways too. ;)

    I can also relate to all the painting projects! LoL. It hasn't been that long since I had a "bazillon" things on my painting list. I'm sure you feel overwhelmed (I did) so my advice is to just start with a small piece...maybe the little side table or the nightstand next to the bed.

  2. I understand, I do - it is hard to pass up a deal, isn't it? I bet if you start painting, you'll get so involved that you won't feel the need to shop and when everything is painted - it will seem as if you have new things!