Saturday, May 23

My Thoughts on Psalm 23

My Father walks before me leading the way.
He gives me everything I need in His time.
He quiets the storms. Makes rainbows from my tears.
He puts flowers in my path
and the song of the birds in my mornings

Even as I stumble along the way
sometimes falling headlong into trouble
His hand is there when I reach out for Him.
But more than that,
even when I can't or won't reach out,
even when I can't find my way,
still He is there guiding me.

When I have lost all hope,
given up on everything I trusted in before
He gives me the courage to try again.
I have seen His faithfulness
over and over again and again.

He knows how fragile
and how vulnerable I am
Then instead of giving me
what I deserve
He gives me the gift
of true love.
Blessings, Kathi

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