Monday, May 25


sanford 586px-Tomb_of_the_Unknown_Soldier_8


Let us not forget those who sacrificed all for this beautiful country.

Remember those who are serving us now to protect our freedom. Pray for those who have come home but who are not the same. For those young men and women who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Their lives will never be the same because of their service for us.


We salute the members of our armed forces, past and present,for giving us the gift of freedom.

Thank you Kris for serving our country and to all of your buddies out there on the Maryland now!

Blessings,  Kathi


  1. Thank you very much for all sweet comments! I really appreciate them! Have a nice Holiday!

  2. Thanks Kathi! I love the ceremonies that honor our soldiers!

    love, kelee