Wednesday, May 20


I'm joining the ranks of the B’ham girls! Everyone I see is wearing these Yellow Box sandals. I had to get some too!

I bought two pairs last weekend on sale at Belks for $19 each. They are the so cute and really comfortable too. Wish I could wear them to work!


Then I found these online this morning….


Aren’t they cute? You can get different ribbons to match your outfit too! They look comfy, don’t they?

I’m not really a “shoe person” but I just might become one! I need to clean out the floor of my closet to make room for more!

Must get a pretty pedicure too. . .


I’m playing hookey today so I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine and dig in the dirt. I’ll be wearing my tired old Crocs today.

Time to slip off the fuzzy slippers and get to work! What’s on your feet today?

Blessings, Kathi

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  1. Oooooh! These are really cute! I am a big "shoe person" and since I quit work, all I wear are flip-flop type shoes. I just might have to check these out.