Friday, May 15

Red Work Embroidery

I love red work embroidery!  So simple and yet so pretty.  I’ve never tried it myself but am inspired by these photos I found.  Check out the links below for more lovely things!

Lake Lampshades

redword from tigerluxe

A vintage tablecloth and napkins found at redwork table runner 

Red work table runner

flicker redwork embroidery

Courtesy of Flicker.

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Love the pattern by


Isn’t this the cutest bird?!  Her blog is beautiful too!

If you’d like to try your hand at this check out this site.


Ideas, instructions, links and photos galore!

Happy stitching!

Love, Kathi


  1. Thanks Kelee for your sweet comment. I hit the wrong key and rejected it by mistake. Too early and no coffee will do that to a person!

  2. I love red work too! That lamp shade is wonderful. I would love something like that.

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I definitely going to join the burlap party! I love this red embroidery post, very cute and chic! I'll be following you blog! Thank you! Vanessa