Sunday, May 17


I lived in Orlando Florida way back when Walt Disney arrived with his magical dream.  When Disney World finally opened we were some of the first to visit.  It truly is a wonderful place!

cinderella's castle

Things have changed since those early days when an entire family of five could visit for about the cost of one ticket now.  Ice cream cones, Cokes, hot dogs and popcorn were 50 cents back then!

An entire book of tickets was $4.75!

 seven adventure ticket book

E tickets allowed you in to the best of the best.

E ticket

We found that we could go there often to spend a day without saving for an entire year.  It became a family tradition to go on New Year’s Eve for the fireworks (which are awesome!) and then go back on New Year’s Day for more fun.

Walt Disney World is so different in the day and night.  Every evening the place just explodes with lights and sounds and color.  There are fireworks every evening too.  Christmas time is especially beautiful.

cinderella's castle at night

Cinderella’s castle is amazing.  From afar it is beautiful but just wait until you go inside!

cinderella's castle stained glass

Stained glass galore!

cinderella's castle mosaic

Gorgeous mosaics!

suite in cinderella's castle

One of the suites where you can stay!

We lived close enough to go home for the night, but wouldn’t it be lovely to stay there!  There are so many other things to see and do too.


I’m just thinking about Cinderella today since I found this beautiful clock that I might just have to have…

At “five easy payments of $49,” I would like this in my living room to remember all of the wonderful times we had at “Disney.”

bradford exchange cuckoo clock

Hope you keep a song in your heart today.  I’m still waiting for my prince!

“It’s a small world after all!”

Blessings,  Kathi

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