Saturday, May 23

My first Ebay purchase

I’ve been using old cookie tins to store my crackers, chips and cookies to keep them from getting stale.

I was on the hunt around here for an antique bread box. I love their character and vintage look. Couldn’t find one locally so I decided I would check on Ebay.

I found a pretty breadbox and placed a bid. I had to wait for 4 days to see if I got it. There were two others interested so I wasn’t sure I would win, but I did! Got it for $9.99.

Here’s it is – it arrived today!

front garden 016

It’s really pretty and in great shape! Love the yellow daisies too! Now I have a pretty place to store my goodies…

Have you “won” anything on Ebay?

Blessings, Kathi

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  1. Congratulations on your first eBay purchase! You can find just about anything and everything on eBay. It's amazing.

    And oh my! Have I won anything on eBay?!!! My family use to call me "the eBay queen." I've also sold some stuff too but it's a lot more fun to buy. I bought most all of my tea cup collection from eBay, the pink rose chocolate pot I featured in my 3rd post, all of the pink rose throw pillows I use on my sofa and loveseat, shoes, a few items of clothing, and even some addition to other things too numerous to list.

    One little tip...try to wait as late into the auction as you can. If you bid early, it just encourages others to bid against you, which increases the price. If you can be at the computer when the auction is ending, that's even better because you can watch what other bidders are doing and bid accordingly. I always try to place my bid in the final seconds of the auction. That's called "sniping". There are even programs you can download for free that "snipe" for you in those last seconds...thereby increasing your chances of winning, however, I've never used them as I'm fairly successful at sniping on my own.

    P.S. Still having a VERY hard time getting comments to go through on your blog. :(