Saturday, April 11

Ribbons and Windows

$7 bedskirt

Here’s the king-sized bed skirt I found on craigslist!  The little flowers are RED. I’m going to pick it up this afternoon.  For $7 (yep, that’s seven dollars!)  I think it will be the perfect thing to dress up the white sheets I’m going to use to make drapes for my living room!  Now I’m looking for some ribbon trim to finish them off.

heart ribbon teaparty ribbons mulitple color ribbon

I love grosgrain ribbon!  Look at all of the pretty colors!


This ribbon is just adorable!  Not the right colors for my curtains, but I love it!  I’ll probably use either red or green grosgrain instead…  Does anyone know if grosgrain ribbon is colorfast?

white curtains with green trim 

Too plain.

contrast trim tie top curtain

This is more like it!  Love the little ties at the top!


grosgrain ribbon tab top country living This is pretty too.



Aren’t these just the cutest rods?  I bought some cheap rods with leaves on the ends.  I think they need little birds like this!?  They are gold too.  Looks like there might be more spray painting going on here again!

Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend.

Love,  Kathi


  1. Thanks for coming by. I'm pretty sure grosgrain is colorfast--I've washed enough cheerleader ribbons in my life :) Good luck with the curtains and have a joyous Easter!

  2. Well, I love ribbon and I love birds. We seem to have a lot in common! Happy Easter!

  3. Speaking of re-purposing textiles! I like the idea of incorporating a bed skirt into curtain panels. And those birdie curtain rods are too tweet!
    If you like ribbons you may enjoy this book:

  4. Sad to say, the little flowers in the bedskirt are NOT red. They are more purple than pink or red. I don't think it will work for my living room curtains. Guess I'll keep looking for something else...