Friday, April 24

Maggie, Maggie, give me your answer do…


I think that Nugget must have been looking over my shoulder this morning. I guess he read the letter that Maggie wrote to Oliver Wendell I thought maybe he was just tired but now I’m sure that he is just sad.

He looks at me with these eyes and I wonder what it will take for him to find happiness again? The love of his life is interested in someone else. Has that ever happened to you? If so, then you know how Nugget feels right now. Poor baby…

daschunds 005

His world is crumbling around him. He can’t even lift his head.

Favorite things 033

We had a little chat this morning. I was just trying to cheer him up. These are some of the things he would say to Maggie, if he had the chance.

"Miss Maggie, we could be so good together. We could share stories about our moms. We could hunt lizards together. I’m great at catching lizards! I even got a squirrel once! I could be your great hunter and show you lots of places to find things. My heart is so sad right now. How could you choose a big old dog like Oliver when you could have a sweet little man like me?

I know I don’t dress the part of a charming suitor. I don’t have any nice clothes or collars to get spiffied up in.

dog clothesline neckties

I just have my purple dog collar and a flea collar that’s so old it surely doesn’t kill any fleas. I don’t have any fleas Maggie, I promise. I’m soft and silky just like you.

maggie heart

You look so lovely in your photos. I just can’t take my eyes off you. If only you could get to know me better, I’m sure you would like me. Everyone likes me. I can do tricks too. I can leap sideways over my big brother. I can spin circles at dinnertime. I can even jump up on the dining room table! You know there is always something good up there!

Maggie, if you could only give me a chance. Just one little chance, then I could smile again."

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Hopefully yours, Nugget