Saturday, April 18

Measure twice, buy once!

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Why has the day gone by without a thing being accomplished? Why do I feel so tired and unmotivated? I started the day late but with plans to hang my drapery rod in the living room and work on my “new” drapes/valances.

Not sure where my mind was when I purchased the drapery rod?

After fighting with sealed plastic packaging for almost 15 minutes, and trying a razor blade, I had to chop it out with scissors! I scratched my hand in the process. That plastic is SHARP!

I laid it out on the floor and it didn’t look quite long enough? So I measured my window again and I measured the rod. I went to the trash and looked at what was left of the packaging and read the size. It is about 20” too short!

Reminder to self: Measure twice, buy once.

I have so many projects in mind. I thought maybe today I would get ONE thing done!? After the drapery rod disappointment my weak enthusiasm got weaker. A trip to Mickey D’s didn’t help. Now I craving CHOCOLATE!

I usually have my best energy in the mornings. It’s almost 6pm now and getting close to my bedtime. Well almost. Looks like tonight will be one of those veggie nights on the sofa with my “new” thrift store blanket (photo above), a cup of tea and perhaps a big bowl of chunky monkey ice cream?

Do you ever have a day when a small disappointment stops you dead in your tracks? How do you brush it off and go on to something else? I can’t seem to get beyond the drapery rod thing. It just took the wind out of my sail.

I did put away all of my Easter decorations earlier. Guess I did get something accomplished today . . .

The sun will come out tomorrow,



  1. Hi Kathi! Thank you for visiting me today. I have had some decorating disasters, too! I think you did the perfect thing - go to blogland! I sure do find lots of inspiration looking at other gals blogs. I saw on HGTV TV once - their panels were too short - they sewed a coordinating fabric to the bottom to make them long enough and it looked so good afterwards! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Oh yes, sure I have them too. I usually stroll out to the garden and get distracted. And spend hours out there. I take my camera and look for the little things that mesmerize me through a lens. And taking anti-depressants doesn't hurt either!

  3. Oh, Kathi, I can relate for sure... You have the right attitude though.. The sun will come out tomorrow! Just think about how great they'll look when they are finally up and you can enjoy them :)... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  4. Oh yes...we need these kind of days so we can REALLY appreciate the good ones! All days are productive...just in different ways.

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments and encouragement! "All days are productive... just in different ways." Thanks Donna!

  6. You're a step ahead of me, my Easter decorations are still out. I've had those days, too, and either jump into a fresh new project, or let the day take me where it will!

  7. Hey Kathi, some days are meant for resting and getting NOTHING accomplished. I learned that yesterday.

    Today I'm going to rush around and try to do everything. Will I ever learn?

    I love Redemption Song! Was listening to it just yesterday.