Monday, April 6

Coloring My World

Spray paint 004

I’ve been so busy these past few days I haven’t taken time to post. I have been following my favorite blogs and have enjoyed reading how everyone is sprucing up their nests for spring.

I’m recovering from a day of spray painting on Saturday. I wish I had taken “before” pictures and I should have worn a mask! I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy out there in the driveway with my two huge drop cloths and 8+ cans of spray paint!

I'm not sure how to do the linky thing but please check out the "Spring Fling" below to see all of the wonderful ideas from our blogging friends!

I painted my dining room chairs RED, two little step stools and a child’s chair BLUE. Then I gathered up my “new” birdcage and stand, two frames that will soon be inspiration boards, a cute little shelf, a duck, some pretty rose curtain hangers, a wooden napkin holder, a smaller birdcage and huge mirror frame and sprayed them all WHITE!

Spray paint 007

I also painted a little table GREEN. I found it at a garage sale and looks just like one from Maine Cottage! It will look so pretty with one of the glass knobs I’ve collected on its little drawer!

Spray paint 005

While I’m waiting for the paint to cure and deciding where to display all of my thrifty stuff, I’m thinking about painting my bedroom furniture too! Should I go with a sage or light olive green? Maybe white would be better? If I paint it green, then I’ll have to paint the walls. What color should they be? White or a pale blue?

Maine Cottage Inspiration

Decisions decisions. Thankfully, there are enough colors in the rainbow for everything! Hope you have a beautiful and colorful week!

Blessings, Kathi


  1. I do believe you deserve the title of spray can queen...yep. A worthy title indeed!!

  2. Thanks Linda, I'll gladly wear the crown! It was really fun seeing old things become new!

  3. You have quite the talent for bringing new life to furniture!! I LOVE the red chairs, and I agree, the little green table looks straight out of Maine Cottage!!

  4. What great finds. I love all the white! I especially love the birdcage on the tall stand...divine. Thanks for sharing.


  5. The "red" chairs were free from a friend and the tall birdcage with the stand was $3 at a yard sale.
    LOVE finding things I can PAINT!

  6. great things you found, I love the birdcare, I am trying to find one too!


  7. The RED chair inpiration came straight from DearDaisyCottage! Kim has the most beautiful home I've ever seen and the cutest dog ever!

  8. Don't you just love the way a little paint can really make a difference? I love Maine Cottage furniture!

  9. I love the painted furniture. And the birdhouse. On the color to paint your walls, see if you can buy a small amount of each. Paint a strip both colors, a small amount of space apart. Wait 24 hours, so you can see the colors of paint in all the different light. That's what my painter does.

  10. Thanks for all of the sweet comments! I might just try Brenda's idea when I get to the bedroom. It's so hard to choose a color from a little chip.

  11. Hi Kathi, The inspiration photo of the bedroom is gorgeous, it seems that color green is really pullling me in. I'm even buying it in clothing. I do have a similar color in my utility room. There are variety of colors that will go with it perfectly too. I love it!

    Thanks Kathi, for dropping by for a visit-I appreciate it very much. I hope to see you soon again. Thanks!

  12. Don't you just love spray painting? Messy, but boy you can sure make changes fast! I love the birdcage. Have a wonderful Easter, Kathi!

  13. Hi again. You'll be proud to know I had several (with 13 year old daughter) spray cans in tow...and whipped off three seperate projects in minutes...MINUTES I tell you!

    Have a wonderful Easter!!