Sunday, April 26

Dinner and a DEAD battery

I decided I would treat my self to a take-out dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse Grill tonight.  I called in my order - sirloin steak, baked sweet potato and broccoli (YUM) then I drove over to pick it up. 

When I got back into my car it wouldn’t start.  Just a weak “click” and nothing else.  Click click click.  Nothing.  There was no one around to help me so I called AAA.  I’ve been a member for 30 years so they had better come help me fast!  My food was getting cold!

I tried to eat in the car while I waited.  Have you ever tried to eat steak with a plastic knife and fork?  Don’t bother…


Before long, my hero arrived and jump started my car.  He informed me that the battery was dead, kaput, done for.  I’m not surprised since it’s the original 2004 battery that came with the car.  Guess I shouldn’t complain! 

He offered to put in a new one for me for $129.  I said, “thanks, but no thanks” and drove off to the auto parts store down the street.  It was after 5 pm and I didn’t think they would be open, but they were!

advanced auto parts

A really nice guy sold me a new battery for $89 and installed it for FREE!  Can’t beat that!  In less than 10 minutes too!

Later while I was enjoying my cold and really tough steak I thought, “you know, I could have been stuck at home tomorrow morning trying to go to work when this happened.  I could have been somewhere else and not had dinner sitting beside me.  I even had a cold diet Pepsi with me so I didn’t get thirsty while I waited for AAA to come.  The weather was perfect - warm and sunny.  AAA came right away and the guy at the auto parts place was so helpful . . .

God was watching over me and taking care of me this evening just like He always does.  It’s just that sometimes I fail to notice His goodness or say “thank You” as often as I should.

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Thy name, O Most High.  To declare Thy lovingkindness in the morning, and Thy faithfulness at night.”  Psalm 92:1

Blessings,  Kathi


  1. Kathi, I appreciated your visit to my blog and your kind comment. I spent time visiting this blog and realized you enjoy some of the same things that I do. I like this latest post. I find that many times God takes care of me at the right time and in His perfect way. Gratitude is so important when we realize His care. Great post!

  2. I loved your story, Kathi. Such a great reminder to look for God's blessings in everything...First time stopping by your blog...I will be back again.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  3. hey! came here via a link on Southern Hospitality and had to giggle with this post. sounds like you have a good sense of humor! we eat at Logan's here in Prattville, AL on Monday through Wednesday as you can get two full entree meals for only $13.99!! You could do this and have a meal for the next day!

  4. Sooo glad it worked out. That is a bummer about the battery..but you are soo right it could have been worse. PRaise God. cherry