Sunday, April 12

Hobby Lobby Sale!

hobby lobby coupon Hobby Lobby 50% off

I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time yesterday.  Good thing it’s not close to me!  I had a 25% off coupon, but today there’s a 40% off coupon!  This is one place I really need to stay away from!  There’s a Michael’s Art and Craft store not too far from me.  Need to stay out of there too!  I have enough '”stuff” here already to open my own store!


  1. Hee. I hear ya on the "glad it is not too close to me" thing. I could do damage in the art dept!

    Happy Easter Kathi!!

  2. I actually just got home from Hobby Lobby two hours ago and all I can say is "so many choices in so little time!!" It takes a good three or four hours to do Hobby Lobby right.

  3. I was there over an hour and all I went in to get was some stitch witchery and ribbon!

  4. I do love Hobby Lobby! And I have a couple of them close to my house, so I'm a frequent visitor. I find the best deals there!