Saturday, March 14

Treasures Found on A Rainy Day

It was a cold, rainy Saturday here in Birmingham. Not a good day for garage sales. I decided to check out my favorite place, "Deb's Curiosity Shop," on Crestwood Blvd. There was a big, wet draping sign out front that said "Going Out of Business Sale."

SALE, good. GOING, not so good. I walked in and pointed to the sign and said, "Is that true?" Much to my dismay, Deb confirmed the bad news. Due to health problems, financial problems etc. etc., she has decided to close her shop permanently. SO SAD.

I walked around, picked up a few(?) things and took some pictures to commemorate the occasion. If you live in the B'ham area you REALLY need to get in there this week! She will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week and that's it. There are great deals to be found and she still has tons of stuff!

Here's a sampling of the kind of treasures to be found there - stop drooling, drop what you're doing and get over there!

I have two of these little hen on a nest dishes... do I need one more?

This pretty soup tureen stopped me for a moment...

Deb has lots of blue and white, carnival glass and crystal...

Trunks upon Trunks!

A beautiful needlepoint chair and two antique soda chairs next to it.
I'm a sucker for chairs AND needlepoint.

For some reason, I thought of Rhoda when I saw this...

These pretty lamps spoke to me too...

Magnolias are so classic and the frames are pretty too.

I think this little bunny needs a friend... and the rocking horse too!

I didn't get this pretty blue bird, but he's MINE!

Isn't this adorable!? It's a wine rack!! You can even hang it on a wall!

Now doesn't THIS bring back memories?!
Wish I had room for it!

Now, I know you want to see what I DID bring home! Just a few things, but they sure do brighten a rainy day!

A cheap little glass pitcher to put my flowers in.

Another needlepoint pillow for my collection

Robins! Because it's SPRING!

Crewel (for me) and two crocheted butterflies(for my friend).

A chippy wire Easter basket and two hand painted wooden paddles.
LOVE the colors!
Whatever you did today, I hope you had as much fun as I did! Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to display my "new" treasures. I'm sure I'll find some place to put them all!


  1. Kathi ~

    Thanks for sharing this visit to Deb's. I am so sad that one of your shops is closing; it sure looks like a jewel.

    Question - do you think that Deb would ship? I absolutely adore those magnolia pictures and want them for my dining room; they would be perfect! I'll be dreaming of those all day!



  2. Vanessa,
    I'll ask Deb! I've got to go back for that pretty blue bird and the hen on a nest!

    Hope you have a good Sunday,

  3. we all need to make sure we don't lose shops in our them before the next sign goes up. Looks like they had lots of treasures...Heidi

  4. Kathi, what a fantastic shop!! How sad that it's going out of business. So you weren't able to find a bird cage there? It looks like the perfect place to find one! Thank you for the kind comments on my birdcage posts!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  5. The hamper made me stop. It came from my mother's house, how it got to Birmingham from california, I have no idea.