Sunday, March 8

One Of a Kind?

"screened" porch only has screen on the top half. My landlady isn't concerned, but it's a mess out there right now. There are tons of leaves and these little round prickly things on the floor. I saw a huge bee in there earlier. Not a nice place to sit on summer evenings if I'll have to bat mosquitoes!

Guess I'll have to add some screening - add that to my long list of things to do.

I have this little wrought iron table that I got at a neighbor's garage sale in Florida. It was $20 and I thought a good bargain? The glass top is in good shape, just needs cleaning. There is a tiny bit of rust but it has great potential for paint! I love all of the intricate details and the flowers.

Curious about it's origin, I searched Google, but found no other table like mine. Have you ever seen a table like this?

Maybe it's one of a kind?

I DID find some antique tables that sort of look like mine? The prices were outrageous! $975 for the first and $845 for the second! Maybe they are gold-leafed or something? I think my table is prettier than these!

I'm keeping my little treasure and the two chairs I got at another time. They are NOT for sale!
Don't worry, I'm NOT going to spray them with gold paint!


  1. Hi Kathi! I love that table...that is one heck of a deal too. Just gorgeous. cherry

  2. Hi Kathi!! Love your table! I've never seen one as intricate as yours. I have a square glass top table with a leaf design in the center that's quite rusty (but that gives it character, right?)... You can see mine at this older post:

    I also love the Emily Dickinson poem you posted... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage