Sunday, March 8

Good Day Sunshine!

It's a beautiful morning! Let the SUNSHINE in!

I just LOVE the way the sun shines in my newly painted living and dining rooms! I rearranged the furniture yesterday for a fresher look. It amazes me how a gallon of paint can change a room!

I'm checking out ideas for my soon to be made drapes. Love this ribbon idea! So happy!

Isn't this the cutest little collage?! I might have to add yet another project to my list?

Don't you just want to climb these stairs and see what's at the top? The sunlight is calling me!

I love this bedroom! Fresh flowers always make a room, don't they?

I'm hooked on graphic botanical prints right now too...

And, I am definitely going to do THIS somewhere in my house!!

But first, I'm going to go outside for awhile and welcome Spring! Don't you just feel the love on this porch?! Time to get out the cans of spray paint and go for it!

Hope you have a Good Day, Sunshine!


  1. I do feel the sun shining on me. And that Beatles song is one of my favorites.

    Wonderful, lemony gold images to take in on this Sunday morning.

    SUN day. Thanks!

  2. Ooooh yes....a perfect day to enjoy your sunshiny day!

    Great images!

  3. Your house seems so warm and happy. I could totally curl up, read a book, and drink all your coffee. ~grin~