Saturday, March 28

Childhood Memories

I've been working in my office/craft room today.

I've been moving furniture in and out, cleaning,rearranging and listening to my Playlist while I worked.

I was going full speed ahead until I sat down to organize a little pile of books.
I found "A Child's Garden of Verses" by Robert Louis Stevenson, copyright 1919 by J.B. Lippincot Company. The illustrations are so beautiful!

I also found "The Tale of Master Meadow Mouse" by Arthur Scott Bailey, copyright 1921 by Grosset & Dunlap, and "Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch" by Alice Caldwell Hegan, copyright 1901 by The Century Company, and many others. I'm so thankful that my mother kept these for me and any future grandchildren I may have!

My mother and grandmother read to me a lot when I was a child. These books are some of my favorites. They are very old and very worn. I'm so thankful to have found them again today.

As I sat on the floor and carefully turned the pages I was carried away to a beautiful place. A place where I sailed boats of leaves down the stream behind our house. Where I sat my little gray stuffed kitty on the tree swing. I wasn't allowed to have a cat when I was growing up. I have two kitties now.

I remembered my pretty yellow bedroom with white priscilla curtains that floated in the breeze, all of my treasures tucked away in secret hiding places. My watercolors, crayons, plain white paper and colored construction paper, scissors and glue. I have these things beside me now for whenever I feel creative.

Not much of my childhood was happy or peaceful but just picking these books up and reading them again brought back the child within. I think I'd like to stay here for a while. . .


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