Tuesday, March 17

Spring Fever

It's almost hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago my yard was covered with snow!

The camellias had just started to bloom...

It was too cold to sit outside on my little yellow rocker!

But today! Today, it was sunny and warm! When I got home from work I just had to go sit outside for a while and soak up the sun! There are so many flowering trees here now. This is the red bud tree in my back yard. The pear trees are in blossom all over town too. My neighbor has a huge forsythia in full bloom too. Down the street another neighbor has beautiful bright pink tulips and purple pansies planted around her mailbox! Spring has sprung!

I'm so excited about my hyacinths! They are so fragrant! The daffodils I planted last fall are blooming too! There is nothing sunnier than a bright yellow daffodil! I took a big bunch in to work for my desk! Yep, I've got spring fever! I even asked for a day off this week just so I can enjoy being outside in the garden again!

This is the same camellia, now in full bloom!

This "Florida" girl is finally coming out of the house again!

May the sun always shine on your back and the road rise to meet you too!

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  1. The camellia is lovely. Isn't it wonderful how a bit of sun and warmth can change our whole outlook?
    I love those treasure you found.