Saturday, March 21


I found a new blog friend this morning who has me thinking, again, about the importance of my family. I noticed that my recent posts are all about "things." I've been searching for and collecting more things that I will ever have room or time for... I've made lists of projects but there are too many to do and no time to complete them all.

I did take a day off from work this past week. It was supposed to be a day to get some things done. Then I was offered the opportunity to go have lunch with my daugher and son-in-law. I actually hesitated at first, thinking "I have so much I want to do today..." Thankfully, my head and my heart made me choose to go with them. It was a beautiful warm and sunny spring day. We ate at a little Mediterranean cafe downtown and sat outside on their deck. We talked and laughed a lot.

I watched my daughter sitting with the sun shining on her face. I thought, how beautiful she is! I also smiled knowing that her hubby really loves her too. He went back to work and my daughter and I went shopping for more "things." We didn't buy anything, but just looked at things we might want to buy someday.

What I tucked away from this day was that things are NOT important. Time together is.

My two boys are in Florida and I don't get to see them often. We talk now and then and get caught up on each other's lives. I miss their HUGS though. My boys give great hugs! So does my son-in-law! What blessings I have! The love of my children far surpasses any THING I might have or even think I want to have.

Instead of going out shopping today or working on some of my projects I think I'll call my daughter and see what she's up to today. Thanks to my new found blogger for helping me find my priorities again. . . My aunt Adelaide (above photo) has lived for 101 years now! I'm sure all of her things mean a great deal to her family but for me, I remember her love.

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  1. Awww. Yep. THAT is what it is all about! Aunt Adelaide is truly beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful day....and thanks for your comment!