Saturday, September 26

Katillac Shack Pet Parade!

Are you ready to P-A-R-T-Y ?!

Nugget and Dylan are ready! They didn't look too ready here, but they are now!

They want to show off the cute caps Mom made from the Design Gives Back scarf that Kelee sent us.

Here's Dylan sporting his cap!

He wouldn't look at the camera but wears his cap proudly!

If you look closely you can see that we are smiling real big! Mom tried so hard to get a good photo of use but we just wouldn't be still!

We're really not trying to hide!

We are so happy that Kelee reached her goal! Thanks Kelee for allowing us to participate in this great cause! We hope that many abandoned animals will benefit from the $2,000 donation from your sponsor! Click on over to the Katillac Shack to see the other cute pups and cats (!) who joined in the fun!

Happy tails are wagging here!
Bless you!


  1. Your fur babies are just gorgeous! We LOVE doxies! The first doggie we had after we married was our sweet doxie Mandy!
    Thank you for taking part in this fun event!! Our doggie Kip and I are celebrating at our place too! What a wonderful cause and what fun too!

  2. Hi Kathi!

    There is the precious pups--with those cutie pie caps! Totally adorable.. a GREAT idea by you as usual...

    go see them on the video..... we so appreciate you!

    love, kelee & oliver

  3. Adorable pups & scarves ... love the hats :-)

  4. They are adorable in their caps! Great job, Kathi!

  5. This is a wonderful thing you did to participate, and your dogs are very handsome little fellows. I would love to give each of them a big smooch!

    Have a Great Day Kathi-

  6. Kathi, Haven't seen a new post from you in some time. Just checking in to see if you are ok?

    Maybe just busy with other things. If so totally understand!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  7. oh what a fun event...those two pups are so CUTE!!!


  8. That last photo is so funny, I laughed out loud. Very cute.

  9. We used to have a black and red wiener dogs! Sis and Buuuud (great southern names). Too cute.

  10. Wat een schatjes,je puppies.
    En je maakt leuke miniaturen zag ik.

    Groet uit Nederland xx Conny